Today is a day of firsts. First day back at school for Lils and Mike and my first day back from almost a month long break from my fledgling business.  I thought/hoped that my time off would be slow and dreamy...time to shut one part of my brain down and live for just a little while in a state of relaxed, receptive creativity. Well, I think i've learned that for that to happen, I would have to go off somewhere by myself. Everyday life and the demands of motherhood kind of intrude on that dreamy state. But, it was so good to have some time to just focus solely on the mundane tasks that make a home run. Seriously, it was such a luxury to hang clean clothes on the line, to bake bread and to sit and read Anne of Green Gables to my daughter without my brain anxiously reminding me that I have alterations to do, and cushions to sew and a business to grow! There's a big lesson there, I hope I've learned it. One thing at a time...take it slow and it all works out in the end...that's it, easy.

Speaking of slow, some of the ideas that my daughter and I have been talking about over this summer are "slow fashion" and "fast fashion". When we started thinking about where our clothes come from, who made them and at what cost for them and for us, we honestly felt kind of uneasy. Hard truths can do that. Looking at those truths is uncomfortable and complicated. As with everything in this world there are so many aspects to the story and solutions are not clear. It is a great conversation to have, however. Because it makes you think about the impact your purchases have. Talking about our "stuff" also makes you realize how much of it is unnecessary. On that note, Lils and I decided to really look at her clothes and figure out what she really and truly needs for back to school, sew those items ourselves and then wear them until they are good and worn out. She has grown so much this past year and continues to do so. None of her pants fit but she has a bunch of t shirts that are going strong. A look that Lils loves to wear is pants and a t or tank with a long sleeve shirt over the top, left unbuttoned. So, with this in mind we chose the Sage Stretch pants pattern and Elita Designer Top patterns from and the Eva blouse pattern from and I got sewing.