#3 ~ Lights

This past week has been a full one. Lily's room is just about complete,  she is thrilled and I am very, very happy with the way it has all turned out. Not to be too dramatic, but there have been highs...and there have been lows. I installed the light fixture!!! All by myself...and it works!! I strung together 100's of shells on rings to make the light fixture...just to find out, hours into this process, that the company hadn't included enough slip rings...aargh!!! But I got there in the end. 


I made roman shades for the windows and lined them with blackout lining to solve the early morning light problem. 


For the closet, I decided to keep the doors off and make box pleat curtains hung on rings to make the whole closet accessible. I was trying to solve issues with this room redo. One of my aims with the project was to design the room in ways that would help Lily to be able to keep it relatively neat all by herself. Making it easy to get at the bins in the closet and to put them back away easily was very important.


So now to accessorize...my favorite part of the process!