Getting Started


I am learning that there is so much to setting up a business. So much to do, to figure out. Carving a dedicated workroom space out of a very full family home, purchasing the equipment that I’ll need to deliver a truly professional product and setting up a website are the easy bits. Navigating the social media world, learning how to take and edit photographs, realizing that EVERY photo I’ve EVER taken of every project I’ve sewn, upholstered, etc  is crap, this is the tough stuff. But, i am doing it. A little, or a lot, every day.

I have always had a sewing business as a sideline. It has been something that I love to do, but for practical reasons, I’ve never been able to focus on it 100 percent. Squam Hill Sewing and Design is where that changes. So much has changed for me and my family in the past few years, much of it heartbreaking. Here on the other side of it, though, lies a new life. The office job that was just a paycheck, is gone and here I am, building a creative work life. A life that I see in my minds eye when I quiet down and imagine how I want to spend my days.

I thought I’d record the process of getting all the puzzle pieces together here on my blog. First up: a dedicated workspace. To realize this little dream come true, I am annexing my eldest daughter Mia’s bedroom. She will be graduating college this June and will be off in the world, in an apartment of her own. To make space in her room for my cutting table, we have to take out the bed. We’re moving it into our youngest daughter Lily’s room. She is very excited to have a full size bed and when her big sister comes home to stay for the weekend they can share the room. But, to fit the bed in Lil’s room, we need to do a makeover and a total reorganization. So this week I will be starting by re doing the closet, fitting it with some shelving and hopefully housing every toy this child has. Then, I can start on the painting and SEWING! So, stay tuned as I show you how I get on re-decorating this room as the first step in the process of creating my own sewing workspace.